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    Thumbs down garena register

    halo GM.. why is now the garena registertration can put those symbol such as @#$%^ ??? are u freaking ass hole? may u available it pls? and 1 more things is.. why cant create clan anymore?? is it full?

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    Please don't use bad words.abusing is not allowed.and symbol's are disable by admin's because they create to much mess in garena.

    Thank you!
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    unable to create id wit coloured names... so sad..
    coloured names make the game look more beautiful... pls enable it in coming days...

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    colored names are not beautiful they are freaking mess.but if they wanted to stop color names they should have just blocked 2 keys | and ^ all the color names require these two keys. so i request garena to bring back all other keys except | and ^ .
    thank you garena admin.hope you impliment it.

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    please use the search function before posting

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