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    aoe 2 version help

    hello! i am new to garena! what version do i need to have to play aoe 2?
    i think i have cd-1.0c! do i have to change it? how? please help me!

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    please use 1.0e

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    if you have 1.0c its ok though 1.0c and 1.0e are compatible.

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    here is the total guide

    1.Install and Play

    a)Buy the game, or borrow from a friend or something.
    b) Install Age of Empires.
    c) Intall the expansion packs, Rise of Rome for Age 1 or Conquerors for Age 2.
    Installing the Correct Patch

    a) Download either:
    -Conquerors latest patch v1.0e here (English)
    -Rise of Rome latest patch v1.0a here (Spanish, Italian, Portuguese)
    -Rise of Rome latest patch v1.0a here (English, German,French)
    b) Install the patch on the AOE folder (C:\Program files\Microsoft games\age2x_1)
    c) If you do not want to use the CD, No-CD patches are available (also know as 'crack'). Just download them and unzip them to the AOE folder
    (C:\Program files\Microsoft games\age2_x1)
    -Conquerors NO-CD here (v1.0e)
    -Rise of Rome NO-CD here (v1.0a)

    (Note: they are for no-cd use only

    Getting AOE to work on Garena.
    a) On the GG Platform main screen click on Settings
    b) Click on Age of Empires
    c) Select browse and find either:
    -For Conquerors, age2.exe (C:\Program files\Microsoft games\age2x_1\age2x_1.exe)
    -For Rise of Rome, empires.exe (C:\Program files\Microsoft games\empires.exe)

    1.4. Playing on a local server

    a) Join a room located in the Age of Empires category of your choice
    b) Click on 'start game'
    <picture soon>
    c) In the game, click 'Multiplayer', then 'Lan/Local game'
    d) If you did everything correctly, a game should show up

    2. Patch Compability and Information

    The patches introduce game balancing fixes, new commands, units, and etc.

    Though Age of Empires one and two have barely had any updates, there are a few significant changes.

    Note: If you have a different patch then the host you are trying to join, you are most likely to not see the host at all.
    No different versions are compatible.

    The default patches for Garena are the latest. You can find them in the Patching section of the topic.

    hope this will help you all.

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    please use 1.0e