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    Configure Garena not to use the default Port 1513

    Is it possible to configure Garena not to use the default UDP port 1513?

    I want computer 1 to always use port 1514
    computer 2 to always use port 1515
    computer 3 to always use port 1516
    computer 4 to always use port 1517
    computer 5 to always use port 1518


    Our problem is that if two computers with the same port (1513 by default) enters the same room, they can't see each other.

    The problem can only be solved by going to Advanced Network Settings and checking UPnP and Specifying different ports (e.g. port 1514 to comp1, port 1515 to comp2)

    I'm asking if it is possible to configure garena to ALWAYS use our specified ports rather than the default settings

    Amd 2.9Gh quadcore
    2Gb ddr3 memory
    500gb Hdd
    Licensed Windows 7
    Windows firewall disabled
    Router: Dlink Di-LB604
    ISP: Globe telecom, PLDT
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    Not possible, you need to change it manualy
    ConnecTing WOrLd GaMerS

    Solution Server Offline:
    Right click the room you want to join, add it to Fav.Rm
    Then join the 'server is offline' room from your Fav.rm button beside the menu button