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    Garena Network Problem

    So i have the same problem as this
    Hello everyone
    So here is how it is:
    Three days ago without any apparent reason I started getting the message "unable to join specified game" when attempting to join any host in Warcraft RPG and Warcraft TFT although I can see all their games both in the room and in the game
    I have no firewall and my warcraft is patched to
    I've reinstalled garena multiple times using Final Uninstaller and I reinstalled warcraft 3 once
    I've tried port forwarding
    There is no apparent change in the quality of my internet connection
    And just one more thing - when I join a room for a couple of seconds everyone's ping in the room is X(red) after that it normalizes and most of the players appear as I(green) although when I type "a" for instance in the "search for players in the room" bar all the results appear with a ping of X
    When I tunnel someone I usually get about 30-60ms tunnels and I still can't join their games
    Does anyone know what the hell is going on? Any help is appreciated
    And its not problem of my internet speed 250kB/s and ping 50ms
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    Try to change servers and check if you using right patch
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