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    game bootstrap parameters

    in settings apear a textbox "game bootstrap parameters". what i write there?

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    It depends on what you want to do You can play without writing something, or if you want to execute some console commands as soon as u run the game, then type commands starting with + sign.

    +sv_allow_lobby_connect_only 0 (this will allow other players to connect your game without using lobby)
    +sv_lan 0 (this will make your game available to internet and not only LAN, means anyone can connect your game using your WAN IP.)
    P.S: You must leave space between each other for every command you wrote.
    .. and so on...

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    i only want connect to any server what i do?

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    No need to type anything then.

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    when i click the start game it apear bootstrap parameter wat should i do?

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    the executablepath of game hasn't been config. config it now.. my question is how?..

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    pls help..
    when i click the start game this message appears "the executablepath of game hasn't been config. config it now..:
    what should i do??
    please reply.

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    have you solved your problem??
    pls tell me

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    pano ung game bootsrap

    pano po olagay ung bootsrap sa grena?

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    what bootstrap parameter..???
    how cn i play..???

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    help me how to acces to game boostrap parameters in settings?

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    You can leave bootstrap parameter empty, if you are getting an error something like "disable plugins..." add "-steam" parameter without quotes in parameter box. Closing thread.
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