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    cannot start garena(not even the log in page)

    i'm having a problem to open garena client. i can't even open the log in page that requires us to put in the id and password.i have reintalled thousands time and redownload the client setup thousand times but still the same.. i know about a step which is end the process using task manager and reopen the garena but mine, the garena program not even running or include in the task manager running processes.. any1 noe how to solve this?? last time i can play smoothly till one day suddenly it becomes like this..i tried garena messenger and can open the log in page but still after logged in i cant open the network room channel which shows all the room to go in.. thx
    p/s: i'm using windows 7
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    that weird, you can execute your garena?
    sir, can you try scanning your PC with anti-virus.
    maybe some malware affects the processes of running the garena client.

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    i'm not quite sure about the virus, but last time, i think i clicked on something about the security thing permission or something from windows for garena and then it cant run the client. i tried to off my anti virus and also exeption from the blockage but still nothing changed.. i really hope that i can play back garena =(

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    i see, sir try to see this thread and undo what you did with your garena in your security permission tab.

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    ban ko lang po si artbox

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    Please contact if your problem wasn't solve.



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