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    Bleach vs One Piece

    ~ Bleach vs One Piece ~

    A map not getting enough attention....


    Let's talk about it,in the whole Garena network,there may be about...50 ? BvOP players,which is about 0.00001 % of the whole Garena network.

    If you look at it closely,it is one of the best maps for Warcraft.Custom models(Not many maps have this),the items are similar to DotA`s,but at the same time they differ,for instance,Divine Rapier is a weapon you can only get when being able to easily take down the whole enemy team by yourself.

    The bosses,they are a work of a genius at the very least,secret heroes and items...

    All in all,it's great(If you like anime of course,even if you don't,playing this game will make you want to like anime),and I want to clarify,I am not here to promote,or advertise or anything like that,I don't even know the maker.

    I would really like to get some attention to this,organize some tournaments for the existing BvOP gamers.

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    Come on people...anyone who plays this?

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    What's the latest version of Bleach vs. One Piece?
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    2.08b,2.09 has a demo available,but it is more like Bleach vs Bleach .

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    I play it sometimes .. its really cool but there are to few players ...

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    I just discovered this map and I love bleach so I'll be hosting on USA servers.

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    Go to Europe RPG rooms, and then come back here and edit your post to how many people play this IMO terrible imbalanced mess.

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    The game is actually as DotA. A group of "BvO's Junkies" always play together at weekends from 9:00 Pm till next morning. They always build up 2 balanced Teams, so if u guys interested, it would be a nice Chance for u to challenge or getting some expierence.

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    the map isnt unbalanced its just the experience between the players that may cause disbalance if all the players are good/pros the score is pretty tied up no matter what heroes are there unless some1 gets deso,on the other hand if its pros vs noobs u cant help it bvo doesnt has forums,guides,walkthroughs dota has you got learn it yourself hiro above me plays from a few good years like 5 from what i recall

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    I agree with all of you,is anyone up for a game of some sort sometime?

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    I used to play this game a lot! But I found while a lot of heroes are quite fun, and there is a GREAT amount of skill involved with a lot of heroes (with timing blinks/blink dodges, stomps, jumps etc.)

    I found that a small handful of the heroes are that tiny bit stronger than the rest... Namely Yamato (is my big concern in this version). A good Yamato player is QUITE hard to beat (unless greatly ganked and severely out-carried late game).

    Of course, this is easily fixed with the release of newer versions! (hopefully)

    The amount of support heroes and utility heroes to choose are pretty cool though (I'm always an assist/tank player).

    It's good how the maker decided not to give everyone AoE farming nukes (Kinda like Angel Arena Allstars -_-'), which adds to the teamwork of helping some of the slower farmer heroes (like Soi Fon, who's a nasty hero-killer later!) that might be more active later in the game.

    Can't wait till the release newer versions ^^ I'm not sure on the official website though (which is annoying for multiple edits of the map... which can have exploits haha)

    *Just read some earlier posts: I've been playing since... 3 years ago? maybe 4. I've slowed down HEAPS though, with the lack of updates and changes.
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    I saw that many people play this map,can you tell me what's interestin' in this map?

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    you may find more opponnents at rpg rooms

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    this map sux dix, and i havent even played it.

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    i played it no so special...

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    i love that map man.
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    i agree with you s_trolmes i downloaded garena specifically to play this map with others and unfortunatly i was shocked when i found that no one plays it i hope i can find any room for this game cause i love it very much so if u found any room please pm me and thanks

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    refer to post # 14 ...
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