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    Mirana Wars v6.0b (BR)

    #Mirana Wars forum:

    Map equals pudge wars xD


    #Game Modes:
    -ms, -weather rain, -weather snow, -weather random, -weather wind, -weather moonlight, -weather off, -mh.

    - Map showing in Portuguese Language, English version soon!


    #Map Items:

    - New items ands systems in soon xD


    - Play Mirana Wars by the Garena !

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    i had mirana wars v5.04 , V6.0b look like imba im going to download this
    thanks for the information bro
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    Thank you for downloading map

    Any suggestions on the map?

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    - UP
    # Please leave coments = ]

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    imba map , put some new items like divine bla bla bla
    also add bot players , than we can play alone with bots
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    Yeah, I'll add bots players in the last version of map : ]
    Items how divine I think it is very appeal, para um map small... or no ...