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    Smile Garena Clan creation beta key

    How can we get the beta key for creating clans? Please tell me a.s.a.p . . . Thanks

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    BETA key means the Clan System is under BETA period, meaning its still being tested by Admins.
    There's no way you can get a Beta Key.
    I MiSs U

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    yes of course!!!!!!!!!!!

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    plz how long must wait 4 the official clan

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    i would like 2 know that information too :P

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    u becoem gold member and u can get it

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    hello @TS
    clan beta keys is not available for members.
    the clan site is still in beta stage and its ongoing for testing thats why garena put beta keys in oder for some users to prevent from creating a clan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yazuki_FF View Post
    u becoem gold member and u can get it
    This is a huge lie

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    it is not available for publics
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    Tak že Clany sa nedaj

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    When avialable beta key

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    give it another year or 2 hopefully it will up.. ~~

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    The clan website was opened while ago but due to some bugs garena staff decided to shut it down soon it will be ready
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    Pleas wait 4 fixing garena !!
    Garena admins work hard and they are very busy !!
    they are fixing avatar site and clan site !!

    GooD LuCK DeaR

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    we looking forward for the clan system..

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    A new gaming community has opened its doors.
    WCGN is a LAN client, currently for dota players, but in the near future will be added many games, which has various exciting features.
    It promises to be much better than all existing platforms,and it won't be overcome by any other gaming clients because it works on the
    following principle: "our client - our master" , so whatever good suggestions that our players will have,will be implemented in the client.

    Existing features:

    # less network traffic
    it opens a udp tunnel between users so that lag can be minimized, it uses less network traffic than the existing gaming clients in the market.
    So you can understand this easier,here is a real example: it uses 55% less traffic than Garena ,which can be checked by network analysis tools

    # reconect tool

    # secure passwords
    passwords are secured with double encryption with private keys

    # you can use your forums account
    you need only 1 account ,with it you can log in not only on the client but also in the forum

    # level system
    you increase in level ,but only by playing

    # it has animated avatar system and buttons

    # animated chat system
    you can use more than 250 smiles in the chat window

    # clan system
    when you reach level 30 you can start your own clan with your friends and compete with other clans

    # private messaging
    players can interact with one another through the use of an integrated instant messaging system

    # automatically saved private messaging chat

    # professional management
    our staff members are always willing to help you solve your problems

    # the forum integrated into the client

    # anti-spam system
    after a person finishes writeing,it must wait 2 secounds until it can write again

    Upcoming features:

    ** our ban system will be very efficient:
    client uses an effective ban system which enables room moderator to ban a user and that action will ban the user's
    pc hardware from room so that even if he changes different nicks or changes his ips, he can't come in room

    ** efficient antihack system:
    the client will detect users with hacks and automatically ban them

    ** ladder system

    ** game can be streamed by using justin tv streaming system
    WCGN tv will come soon

    ** client aviable in every language

    ** user friendly design

    So if you want to benefit from the best gaming experience , join us here:
    Download the client from here:
    How to play:

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    only clans in WCGN join it fast create clan fight each other win each other !

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    can say how to get it??....coz many ppl want cr8 clan....GM can take some action as fast as possible ma??..

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    i really cant wait for the clan site

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    Thumbs up

    Quote Originally Posted by missuonly View Post
    beta key means the clan system is under beta period, meaning its still being tested by admins.
    There's no way you can get a beta key.
    likes ! Thumbs up !

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