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    how can i get back my account

    my account have been hacked 15 minute nick name before is luuthanhdatds and then it was HackedByFear_3 by a hacker. i cant login my garena game and i try to change my profile but it is impossible due to the hacker have changed password in every minute when im try to login. one think is very important, that i have bought 500 sell from garena shop in yesterday and i have bought gold member for 1 month and also remain 310 sell. however, the hacker have bought name change . pls help me and give me some advide thank you

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    E-mail recovery.

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    How to recover your account:

    Step 1: Recover your password through
    Enter your registered email address and username to reset your password.

    If this doesn't work, proceed to the next step.

    Step 2: Submit a ticket through
    Please provide the necessary account details such as
    registered/verified email
    Proof ( ex:transaction proofs if u bought any garena item)

    Step 3: Wait for their reply and please don't send multiple emails to avoid confusion.
    Be patient since it might take some time for the Customer Support Team to reply depending on the traffic of emails.

    Important reminders:

    Please do not share your account details to anyone especially to the person that you don't personally know. Forum Moderators including the Channel Administrators won't ask for your passwords and email address. Kindly make it a habit to change your passwords regularly and remember to protect your account at all times.

    If you have other important concerns, please contact or create a thread on our support section.
    Our Customer Service Team will take care of the issue and rest assured that the issue will be addressed immediately.
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    Besides, e-mail recovery, there's nothing you can do.

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    me got 1 ways to got your id know that HackedByFear_3,my id also was hack when me,so lucky me remember iud number....please save your iud number for your safety....even he change name and password like me before,remember that they cant change email,so you can reset your password...thats the way i got back my id....
    hope all save and take note your iud number because iud number never cant change......

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    Try contacting the admins and tell them about. And also contact garena . E-mail recovery is the best option .

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    do you still have the e-mail of the account ?
    if you have the e-mail you can change your account password from :
    if you didn`t have the e-mail, you have to creat a new garena account and send a request for :
    they will help you, good luck. "best sit for online gaming"
    For more help and information contact me :

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    thank for all i have sended my feedback to garena game about 1 week ago and now i got nothing, no one give me answer. i concern about safety garena game for member.

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    can some1 pls help me with my ACC ?? my ACC being ban for nth . some1 pls help me . when i enter the room . there put "your acc has been ben " when i didnt even do anything ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LorD.HS View Post
    can some1 pls help me with my ACC ?? my ACC being ban for nth . some1 pls help me . when i enter the room . there put "your acc has been ben " when i didnt even do anything ?
    If you are banned from a garena room,you can try contact your country region admin at here about your room ban reason.
    If you are being banned from the system ,you can buy the unban card from here for unban your account
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    good luck man