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    Some one Help Me Please .. How Change Garena Account Email Address

    How change Garena account Email address Please me Admin

    My New Email Is .. Please Admin Help Me

    Thank You......
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    Here you can change your email or if you verified your email,please contact to change your email.
    Ghetto_Guys Clan Homepage:

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    [Alucard-_-] Please Don't Flood here

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    Actually Alucard is giving you the best solution for the problem you have.

    I would rather thank him then blame him for flood.

    For any other questions --> quick reply


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    WTF idiots WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Here you can only change your password and not email *******s spamming bull****s.
    Stop spam this link.
    Junior you cant change your email.

    **** Off.
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