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    Latency N/A

    Dear everyone,

    I've been trying to play online through Garena, but for some reason I cannot establish a link. My friends are online and we are in the same room, but their pings are red "I"s. I tunnel them and ping them, and the ping turns green for a while. Then I press start game. But when I enter the game I can't find the room. I ALT+TAB Garena and check, but for some reason their pings turn back into red "I"s or even red "X"s. I don't think it has to do with firewall settings, or anything about my router, as I've successfully played a game on Garena before. Also, I allowed Garena and the game through my firewall. I instant message them but they don't seem to see my message. I click on their name once and I see their I.P. under the Network Information part. But under Network Information I also see a Latency row, and the latency is shown as N/A (not available).

    Thanks for reading this post.

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    It is mostly caused by weak internet connection,try to check your internet connection stability and speed at
    For instant message issue,sometimes it does happen,it could be a server problem,tchange your server and try it again.
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    post the results from to give you and answer
    but this might be garena server delay
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    Your firewall/anti-virus might be the main reason for this problem, try to disable your firewall then re-install Garena.
    Your connection might not be sufficent enough to operate Garena's client.
    If this issue persists, Try to contact your ISP.

    Thank you.