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    Reduce Lag, Delay Problems in Garena

    How To Reduce Lag & Disconnection On Garena

    • Make sure that you have a stable broadband internet connection with at least 512kbps download and 128kbps upload. Avoid using Wireless internet as it is considered bad for online gaming due to it's instability and higher latencies.

    • It is recommended to play in your country rooms, you will experience low pings there so, there are less chances of lag.

    • Close other all programs while playing that are using your internet bandwidth which includes: uTorrent, Anti-virus Update, Skype, Windows Live Messenger, Download Managers etc.

    • Try not join host with "X" pings, you may start lagging or get disconnected during game, sooner or later.

    • If you see many X pings in game room, It's because Garena servers are overloaded. Try rejoining game room, change servers and re-login Garena. If it still doesn't help it means your port is not forwarded from your Modem/Router. Search Port Forwarding guides for your modem on

    • If you are disconnecting during a game, You must rejoin room and ask host to do the same. If you do this, There is a big chance that you may comeback.

    This can be done by doing the following:

    • If you want to host your own server, Make sure you have a good PC and uploading speed, around 512Kbps to 1Mbps in order provide lag-less experience to other players.

    • Using Garena Tunnel option while playing a game does not reduce lag/delay problem. Tunnel only works when a player can't see game server of other player in Warcraft 3.

    • Add Garena and Warcraft 3 in your Network Firewall safelist so it does not block any port which Garena or Warcraft 3 uses.
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    Thanks for share BRO

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    cool! nice post bro! btw... tunnel does help in reducing lag/delay ... i have noticed!

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    Ty for share usefull

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    is it true when TUNNELING does not reduce any of lagg???
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    Quote Originally Posted by INVICTUS.Qassam View Post
    is it true when TUNNELING does not reduce any of lagg???
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    Thanks Bro . Nice One.. Keep it Up.... xD

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    thanks for sharring dude
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    thnx for sharring mann !!!

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    I hope that every player at Garena read this. So no more player asking host for tunnel.

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    Thanks for the PASTE man! Source:
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    dude, it is unofficial site with Garena hacks
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    thanks for the info man
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    thanx for sharing my bro

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    Quote Originally Posted by joker.gg01 View Post
    dude, it is unofficial site with Garena hacks
    Ofc it is. I just googled the content of this thread and found that site. From what I see, [TnG]-|FuEka copy-pasted the article from there, from the unofficial site with Garena hacks.
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