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    About Garena new ID name

    I was trying to create a Garena color name, but the system don't allow me to put the text with { | } so how could i create a name without using { | } or there's other choices to fix this?

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    you can't create name because administrator remove
    !@#$%^&*() special characters
    they are old names and garena will give free rename cards to those people who got special characters
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    now garena just can put two symbol if you create new account... just can put _ and . only
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    there's update that disabled many symbols

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    there's no choice and you cant make color id again

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    If ur old garena id had other symbols like | {} etc u can change ur name for free!

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    ye you can cheng for free ... i do it .. MYM| to MYM.
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    Incorrect section.
    Moved to Garena Support.
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    Username must only includes a-z,A-Z, 0-9, underscore (_) and dot(.) only !