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    Keep Dc from room !!!!!!

    why me keep dc from garena ??? what the problem ???????????

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    hello there

    can u do test on and give us result?

    thank you

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    line qualitu : B
    ping : 98 ms
    jitter : 5 ms
    packet loss : 0%

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    First, DC problems in the middle of the game or in start of the game ??
    Second, Are u using wirless or cable ??
    Third, Are you playing in your country rooms or some where els where its far away from u ???
    Fourth, Is some one sharing the net with you when your playing ???
    Fifth, Is it DC directlly or its shows that your waiting for the host ???
    Garena !!
    When There Is No Way To Belong ^^

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    middle of the game or going end game soon
    i`m malaysian, playing malaysia room
    i use net myself only
    wating for the host << dc>>

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    Keep dc from room abt 5 mins after joining room!!

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    I think it due to the earthquake that happened in japan which interupter connection to garena.
    Be patient and wait for the problem solve.

    Thank you~

    I MiSs U

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    hello there

    it may be due to server problems
    try reinstalling your garena once

    thank you