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    Garena Client for Mac OSX

    hihi, i came across this video on youtube about a beta garena mac osx client

    can anyone confirm that this is legit (and hopefully soon to launch)

    this is the link



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    Looks nice, it's not legit in the way it's made by official Garena but probably OK to use.
    But until he releases it you can use mac boot-camp tool!

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    it's not real. the client was opened using crossover. simple as ****. but u can get to the stage in the video easy but it's not possible to tag garena with the warcraft III app from mac altogether.

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    ConnecTing WOrLd GaMerS

    Solution Server Offline:
    Right click the room you want to join, add it to Fav.Rm
    Then join the 'server is offline' room from your Fav.rm button beside the menu button

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    Mac osx

    Quote Originally Posted by ttimt View Post
    nothing yet?


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    Some random dude has spotted a Garena client(?) for Mac in its Vietnamese forum.

    I don't now if it is a scam or a real thing. I surely hope there's a client for my Hackintosh.

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    i have notbook apple... this is updater and highes than my normal pc but cant open Garena.. just playing wow.. Sadly

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    suggestion noted.

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    I really agree for having garena on mac, it prevent me from installing windows in mac just for playing on garena

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    Agree Nice Sugguest..
    An administrator or moderator will NEVER ask you for your password !

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    Quote Originally Posted by aPAcHi_sTyLa_1 View Post
    Whats That ?! Post deleted...

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    Thanks for share dude, now i have GG Client on MAC ...