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    Make Clan On Garena

    This is for all the lazy bums who dont want to google.. :P

    You must be Level 25 to make a Clan. After you already reach Level 25, follow these instructions.
    [Only registered users can see links, Click here to register!] Log-In, go to ---> Create Clan
    In the page, you'll have to fill up everything that you want to fill up. You'll have to name your Clan, Clan Tag [the one appeared on GG Client]. The maximum characters to create a Clan Tag is 5 characters so be careful. Choose your Clan Category whether you want a CS Clan, Dota Clan, ETC. Then fill up everything needed like Clan Description, Clan Rules, Clan Site. You can also have your own Clan Logo, just copy the image link and paste it there. After you're done with everything, do not Create the Clan YET. double check it. Make sure you already fill everything and be sure not to miss anything that you want to fill up at your Clan Name, Description, etc because once you've create a Clan, you can't edit your Clan Name and Clan Tag anymore.If you want to changed your Clan Name and Clan Tag, you'll have to buy Clan Name + Clan Tag Changer which costs you 24 GG Shell that is available at [Only registered users can see links, Click here to register!]. You can only update the Clan Information such as Clan Rules, Description, Category, Announcement and Logo URL. After double checking, click Create Clan and you're done. After a few minutes, Log-In your Account and you'll see you're now the Clan Lord of your own CLAN. BTW, you can only create one clan per account. Maximum members is up to 15 but you can upgrade your Clan by buying Clan Upgrade +5 or +10.
    Altogether, there are 8 Ranks of Clan. Below are the list of it, from the Highest to the Lowest

    1. Clan Lord
    2. Captain [only one captain is allowed]
    3. Organizer
    4. Examiner
    5. Squad Leader
    6. Elite Member
    7. Member
    8. Inactive

    Those numbers from 1-5 can send a Group Alert in GG Client.

    You can also transfer your Clan Ownership to someone else.That's all you need to know.

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    "Please be informed that the whole avatar system ( and the clan website ( will be taken out and will remain down indefinitely

    The clan functionalities inside the client will continue to function normally.

    In line with this, avatar items and clan related items (clan upgrades and clan renames) would be taken out and would not be available anymore. However, those who purchased before would still be able to use their stored clan-related items.

    Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause."


    Staff Team