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    Exclamation Register Account

    At me the problem was registered on a site has created login and come in Garene I can not In what a problem? On my mail box the letter I has come has confirmed the mail. But in itself Garena I can not come writes that there is no such user or not the correct password. Though on a site I come easy under the login.

    Here what letter has come to me on mail.

    Hello TrishaGa,

    Thanks for signing up for your free Garena account!

    Please click the following link to verify your email address with us:


    This will help keep your account safe.

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    please help me admins

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    You Mean u Just registered now in Garena and Can't Login in Garena Client ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TrishaGa View Post
    please help me admins
    with me the same problem is occuring, not only with emails of hotmail, yahoo, gmail, but all the emails dont work, the new account didn

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    i registered my new account, i can login in the site of garena, but when i try to login in garena client, the same message show up " invalid user or uneable user, please try again", i believe this problem is something with garena client and new account with id: >50150000

    i hope this problem was solved

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    Hello There ,

    This is just because of the Delay on updating Profile's in Garena

    if you are registered now and can Login in Forums That means your account is activated

    It will take Time To get the account activated on Client

    So Just try again Login after sometime

    Thank You-
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    TrishaGa [uid:52046897]

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    Invalid user name or password or account not
    enabled , please try again!

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    even when i am wainting 1 week the thing just wont work so just get those lazzy admins up today than god dammit stupid thing

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    I got the same problem. I can login to sit, but can't login to client. I am waiting 1 hour. How long I should wait?
    Invalid user name or password or account not
    enabled , please try again!

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    how much time does it takes until updated?

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    I do not know, but I was already tired to wait!

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    me too, but for while i played with another account

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    you can try registering ur account in see if it works as soon as you register. thx

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    Please try to register again. For more info, kindly see

    Please note that the email you entered is active.



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